Tinywood Homes

Small Footprint Living

Introducing the TinyWood range of Glamping Pods.

The new TinyWood range of glamping pods are designed as a wooden "tent". 

The pods are created with external cladding materials that have not been machined and treated/varnished so that the pods will disappear into the countryside environment. 

Wany edged natural boarding in Douglas fir will soon reduce in Hue to give a weathered look to the external cladding that blends in with natural surroundings.

Two pods are available:

The Teeny Weeny Pod sleeps 2 people with adjoining Gazebo, covered BBQ/kitchen area and optional covered Hot Tub.

The Family Teeny Pod sleeps 6 people with adjoining Gazebo, covered BBQ/kitchen and optional indoor Hot Tub.

The pods are designed using all of our experience as a Glamp Site operator to reduce maintenance and cut clean down time to an absolute minimum. To maximise profit, short term stays bring in premium rental. Single night stays are the ultimate earner. The busy Glamp Site owner needs to maximise income potential with super fast and easy turn over time of each pod. Every detail of The TinyWood Glamping Pods have been designed to facilitate this.

The addition of the Gazebo facilitates this by removing all kitchen and cooking areas from the pod to an outside area that can be cleaned down in seconds with a hose pipe. An external composting toilet and Safari style shower reduce costly clean-downs between handovers. Locating composting toilet and showers externally mean a simple wash down with hose pipe or similar during handover. The plumbing commitment both underground and overground to internal bathrooms is substantial. Composting toilets require no plumbing with no freezing pipe issue during winter.

Reasons to buy from us.

  • The only manufacturers to use spray foam insulation on floors wallls and ceilings. A completely homoginous insulation that outperforms all other systems.Notice the pods cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  • Addition of an upstairs sleeping bunk means increased total area of the pod so more room for occupants, without an increase in footprint size. Thus easier for planning permission purposes and increased total number of beds on your site.
  • More square foot area/beds for your purchase price than any other manufacturer.
  • Addition of free Gazebo increases total living space way beyond that of other manufacturers.
  • No toilet and shower integrated into the building means easier handovers less maintenance.
  • Gazebo adds an extra room giving the occupants a real outdoor experience.
  • Cooking outdoors enhances the glamping style stay and dramatically reduces cleann doen time.
  • Designed from the site up to be extremely low maintenance and much reduced clean down times. Essential for the busy Glamp site owner.
  • Total height of largest Pod is less that 12 ft, so no problems with planning permission.
  • Pods can be supplied with lifting brackets at ridge level so moving around on site with farm forklift is very easy.
  • Pods supplied as shells for your own internal fit out, or finished to your specification. Double glazed windows add to overall insulation value.